Joe's Platform

Help Citizens by
Cutting Taxes

Government revenues are at an all-time high. Property values increased 17% just in the last year and County coffers have been infused with millions of dollars from the American Rescue Plan. With gas and grocery prices at record levels, Sarasota families and our residents on fixed incomes are hurting. County officials can ease the pain of inflation by cutting taxes for all Sarasota residents. I will pursue broad based tax cuts and insist on fiscally conservative budgets so Sarasota County residents can keep more of their money.

Support Law Enforcement and Public Safety

The most basic responsibility of government is to protect its citizens. Communities thrive when Public safety departments are well supported and efficient. I will always support the men and women in Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS. I’m proud to have earned the support of our Sheriff, Kurt Hoffman, and the Suncoast Professional Firefighters and Paramedics. These relationships have brought a deeper understanding of the issues that face Sarasota County’s first responders and make for a strong relationship as we work together to keep Sarasotans safe.

Solutions for our Workforce Housing Shortage

Sarasota County is wonderful, welcoming community and a beautiful place to live. As word spreads about our slice of paradise, more people want to share in the beauty that surrounds us. While we welcome our new residents and current homeowners benefit from rising property values, some of our most important neighbors are getting priced out of the market. Sarasota County depends on nurses, teachers, police officers, and firefighters and we must ensure these workers can afford to call Sarasota “home” too.

I’ll work with stakeholders in the business community and leverage my relationships in healthcare, education and among our first responders to find meaningful solutions to our workforce housing shortage. I’ll pursue all options to ensure that Sarasota has the workforce we need to sustain our economy and serve our residents.

Preserving Sarasota’s
Natural Beauty

In Sarasota County, environmental issues are also economic issues. Our economy depends on tourism, clean beaches, exciting fishing experiences, wild encounters in our state parks, and safe spaces for our residents to enjoy the outdoors. We need leaders who understand the importance of protecting our beaches, water ways, wildlife and open spaces. I’m committed to following the science to solutions for red tide, reducing nutrient loads in Phillippi Creek, and improving the water quality in Sarasota Bay. I also recognize the need to proactively secure freshwater supplies for generations to come and am committed to protecting the Dona Bay watershed as a solution to Sarasota County’s future water needs.