Endorsement Spotlight

Sheriff Hoffman and Joe Neunder

Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman has endorsed Joe Neunder for Sarasota County Commission, District 4!

Sheriff Hoffman was elected in 2020 to serve as Sarasota County Sheriff, following a 30+ year career in law enforcement, serving in his previous position as Chief Deputy and General Counsel of the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.

Thank you Sheriff Hoffman for your leadership during your law enforcement career while serving the people of Sarasota County. I am grateful for your service and thankful for your endorsement. - Joe Neunder

Nancy Detert Endorsement

Commissioner Nancy Detert

Sarasota County Commissioner Nancy Detert has endorsed Joe Neunder for Sarasota County Commission, District 4!

Commissioner Nancy Detert has been serving the people of Sarasota County in various positions from serving on the Sarasota County School Board, the Florida House of Representatives, the Florida Senate, and now as the Sarasota County Commissioner from District 3. 

Serving 16 years in the Florida Legislature, Commissioner Detert was fundamental in passing legislation that benefitted children in foster care and seniors under guardianship. 

Thank you Commissioner Detert for all you have done for our community over your decades of service. Your endorsement means everything to me! - Joe Neunder

Karen Rose and Joe Neunder

School Board Member Karen Rose

Sarasota County School Board Member Karen Rose has endorsed Joe Neunder for Sarasota County Commission, District 4!

School Board Member Rose has been an educator, principal, and district level administrator with the Sarasota County School District for over 30 years. She was elected to the Sarasota County School Board in 2020.

Thank you School Board Member Rose for your endorsement and for all you have done in our local education system. - Joe Neunder


Kurt A. Hoffman - Sarasota County Sheriff

Jim Boyd - State Senator

Lisa Carlton - Former State Senator

Fiona McFarland - State Representative

Tommy Gregory - State Representative

Ed Brodsky - State Attorney

Mike Moran - Sarasota County Commissioner, District 1

Nancy Detert - Sarasota County Commissioner, District 3

Alan Maio - Sarasota County Commissioner, District 4

Ron Cutsinger - Sarasota County Commissioner, District 5

Karen Rushing - Sarasota County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Jim Boldt - Venice City Councilman

Mitzie Fiedler - Venice City Councilwoman

Rachel Frank - Venice City Councilwoman

Helen Moore - Venice City Councilwoman

Erik Arroyo - City of Sarasota Mayor

The Honorable Terry Angley

Kevin Cooper - Sarasota County Planning Commission

Teresa Mast - Sarasota County Planning Commission

Colin Pember - Sarasota County Planning Commission

Neil Rainford - Sarasota County Planning Commission

Andy Stultz - Sarasota County Planning Commission

Justin Taylor - Sarasota County Planning Commission


Gregg Abel

Crystal & Charlie Bailey

Anthony Barak

The Honorable Joseph Barbetta

Maria Beck

Jack Bispham

Marty Black 

Matt Bose

The Honorable Rich Cautero

Jason Chapman 

John Colon

Adrian & Dr. Ronald Doctor

Dr. Steve Gaeta

The Honorable Jeanette & Jeff Gates

Maria Gerber

Darlene & Craig Harvey

Dr. Abe Kozma

Betty & The Honorable Chuck Newsome

Frank Patti

Martin Remillard

Nick Remillard

Kim Reynolds

Mark Smith

The Honorable Ed Taylor

Keith Tennant

Jennifer Vett

Jessica & Justin Vyhnalek